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  First National Bank

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Apostolic Training

Training for Reigning is “trouble shooting” material, that helps you to identify the current location of the believer and how to shift the believer to the next level in Christ.   It also helps you to identify the location of the local church and how to shift the church to the next level.   Finally, Training for Reigning also deals with the Body of Christ in its global capacity and how all gifts, movements and methods have finally been gathered into Christ who is the sum-total of all things.  The training material is a great assistance with the planting of new churches, especially those who are embarking on the operation of house churches.  

It also emphasises the Church in the city as demonstration of the gathering of the Body of Christ. 

Training for Reigning is a compilation of 10 different books, dealing with issues such as The House of God; Christ in His Body, The Kingdom mandate; The True Born again experience; Passover, Pentecost & Tabernacles; Governmental systems in the church; True and False tables (Fellowship); The House Church; Common-union; Breaking of Bread; Administration of Grace; Administration of Anointing; Administration of Glory; Prophetic and Apostolic Sight; Baptism with Fire; Key of David; Tree of Life; and many more...

 For further information, or if you would like to order this book, please contact Cheryl @ 0849804393